Doggie Artwork

Lily and Lola are our two beautiful doggies. Lily came into our life almost 3 years ago, and Lola about 6 months ago. Lily is an almost 3 year old Boxer mix. Lola is almost 5, and is a Beagle-Boston Terrier mix. They are both adorable and have their own wonderful personalities. John and I love them, and dogs/animals in general. We will likely always be a two dog home! One of my favorite hobbies is painting. I never claim to be good – but I love it! So as we build our home together, it is important for us to incorporate our dogs too!

In my head, I have designed this future home that has an entryway with a Doggie Corner. It has a bookshelf with dog toys and treats neatly displayed in cute Container Store jars. It has hooks to hang their leashes and harnesses, a dog bed, their dog bowls, and a place to wipe their paws. I also imagine one of those “Family Rules” signs, but it has things about Dogs (obviously). Next to that is a framed picture of each pup, and some homemade paintings.

If that dream home does not quite meet my specific criteria… I will at least incorporate some doggie artwork! Be it in the future nursery, the hall, or what have you. These are two examples of Doggy Art that I’ve done so far…Image

This blue dock painting was inspired by a trip to a cottage on a lake with Lily.

The two canvased wiener dog painting was a gift for John (who has an obsession with wiener dogs, specifically)!


For the Wiener Dog painting, I bought Velcro stick ons from Michael’s and a few different flowers, so we can change the flower in her hair to go with the season! I know, kind of lame… But it’s really fun to mix up the art, and make it more a part of your home that way!


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