Cooking with leftovers

I came up with this idea to limit cooking time so I could have more mommy baby, mommy daddy, and just mommy time… Mostly I just have more mommy baby time but here’s what we did this week and it was great!

1. Spicy VeggieMania Chilli
-brown extra ground beef and set aside (double), chop extra onions, cilantro, tomatoes and shred extra cheese, other veggies and set aside

2. Pork, Texas BBQ baked beans, broccoli

3. Tacos
-reheat ground beef, use the extra onions, tomatoes, cilantro and cheese

4. Pork fried rice
-using pork from day before, cubed, and cook brown rice, stir fry onions, garlic and other already chopped veggies, add soy sauce

5. Nachos
-tortilla chips, the leftovers: ground beef, onions, cilantro and tomatoes, bake, reheat left over BBQ baked beans to dip chips in

6. Italian Sausage
-use onion, red and green peppers from Chilli and steam sliced pieces to serve on top of Italian sausage

1. Broccoli, cheese crustless quiche
-broccoli left from pork dinner uncooked, cut into tiny pieces, add cheese, onions, salt pepper, 6 eggs, dash of milk, mix up and put into pie dish. Bake 50 min at 350.

2. Chilli eggs
-Leftover Chilli, spoon out most of tomatoes, serve mostly beans and spicy veggies, put in with scrambled eggs

3. Breakfast burrito
-dice up leftover Italian sausage, spinach, and make scrambled eggs. Let cool, then finish off tortillas remaining from Taco night, and stuff, roll and freeze for an easy reheat breakfast during the week.



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