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Our Delicious Camping Trip

John and I had been talking about going camping together since we met. “We have to go camping; we will this year!” Well, many memories, two dogs, and a marriage later… (4 years later), we finally did it!

I spent a long time prepping for the meals, going shopping for our camping essentials. See my lists below:
You would think we were camping with 4 kids as well. I may have over-planned just a tad.
The pancake batter was easy and fun. I just got the add water only batter because I was paranoid a batter with eggs wouldn’t stay cool enough and could go bad. I bought a $1 something squeezable bottle from Walmart and a small container of syrup for a yummy, and fancy camping meal.
The granola bars were for Breakfast 2 – the day we were packing up and heading home. No need to get fancy, no time to re-clean everything. It was good to have a simple meal planned that day.
We only needed one lunch, the Saturday we were out there. Ours was fun and easy. John’s folks have these Pudgy Pie sandwich grill tools. Basically, you make your sandwich, and shove it in this tool, that is the shape of a square (white bread), and that’s it. Put it in the fire, flip it over, let it cook for a bit, and wha-lah! You have a delicious sandwich that is seared together, and everything in the middle is warm. Kind of like a campfire Panini. 
Ok, talk about some fancy camping… the Chili Tortellini was easy. Basically, we made our favorite Chili in advance. Had some the week before camping for dinner, froze the rest. All we had to do was pack the frozen Chili in the cooler (like a giant ice pack —- niiiice), and bring the Tortellini. We had a Four Cheese Tortellini. We boiled water, cooked the Tortellini, heated up the Chili, and yuuummyy! Chili was served on top of the Tortellini.
Due to my over-zealous camp planning, we had a little too much of everything. Especially the chili. Although the Tilapia was easy to assemble, put in a foil packet, and the plan was to cook it over a fire… it rained the second night. Pretty early, and pretty hard… so, no fire for us. And no chance to try our Tilapia creation. We decided on leftover Chili Tortellini and our abundance of snacks. Here was the recipe I adapted for our Foil packets: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Lemon-Garlic-Tilapia
Arguably the most important part of camping… believe it or not, we never got around to either of these camping staples! We were so full from the meals! S’Mores, we brought the stuff to make your good ole traditional S’Mores. I saw other recipes online that jazz them up a little, but why fix it if it ain’t broke. S’Mores are one of my all time favorite summer time snacks. 
The apple recipe would have been easy… definitely want to bring less snack stuff next camping trip, so we can have room for delicious dessert like this! http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Apples-by-the-Fire
I hope that these recipes give you great ideas for what you might bring along on your camping trip. If you are traveling with children, then all these ideas would likely be perfect for you! For a trip for two (plus two dogs), like ours, you may want to cut down a bit. Yes, you’re going camping. BUT if you do forget something (God forbid, right), there is a camp store on site, and you can always leave to go into the next town to get a supply. Our camp even had a restaurant on site, so if you want to keep it more simple… just plan on meal over there.
Who Said Camping Couldn’t Be Delicious!?!?!