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Bum & Boob Cookies

Although I found some other Bum & Boob cookies online that were more beautifully decorated then mine… I was quite proud to give these to my soon-to-be-Hubby for him and his buddies for his bachelor party weekend.

They are soooooo easy to make. Basically, make your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Roll the dough out, use a heart shaped cookie cutter to get the shape of the bum and the boobs. Cut off a bit from the tip of the heart. Those will be the Boob Cookies.


Cut a bit more off the Bum ones. image

Then bake, decorate, and wallah!

My hubby and his friends enjoyed them! For the taste and the funny comments that come with stuff like this!

I would definitely make these again for a Bachelorette Party or as a gag gift for friends. Easy, fun and hilarious!boobbuttcookies