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Household Paper Organization

Ok, so it has gotten bad, really bad at our house. Papers are everywhere. We have stacks piled up high. Unread mail. Mail we opened, yet need to do something with. Papers from my numerous Preggo check up doctors visits. Bills. Cards. We just filed our taxes, so we’ve got miscellaneous paperwork for that strewn about. It’s a madhouse.

Before the baby comes, I made it a goal to organize those crazy papers of importance that have cluttered our dining room table and our kitchen breakfast bar.

Although it’s not perfect yet, I sat down yesterday to develop an organizing system we could use to eliminate the unnecessary paperwork and keep what we truly need in one neat area.

Today I will begin actually physically going through our madness and filing, recycling or shredding.

I searched online for “Tips for Filing for Families” and “home file organization ideas”, etc. After all the reading I came up with this game plan…

File Folder Organization
-Insurance Policies
•Health benefits
-Health & Medical Records (file tab per person in household)
•Other medical history
-Vital Records (file tab per person in household)
•Educational Records
•Birth Certificate
•Social security card
•Religious Certificates
-Household Records
•Taxes & W2’s (by year)
•Vehicle (titles/loans, warranties, maintenance records)
•Credit Cards
•Student Loans
•Other Savings accounts
•Pay stubs/Login Information (as a former recruiter, I know it is good to keep at least the first and last paycheck from each employer, as it shows your employment length and if you received any increases in pay during that time span)

I know this may not be an all encompassing list, yet I hope it helps simplify filing possibilities for you and your family! I’m looking forward to getting our house on track and in order!